Tenerife 2021 ✈️☀️

To say I was nervous for this holiday was an understatement. I never get nervous for going on holiday, flying or being in a foreign country, in fact I love it. But this time was different. Not only were we travelling during a global pandemic, not only was I taking my baby girl abroad forContinue reading “Tenerife 2021 ✈️☀️”


Worry is the thief of Joy…

My biggest anxiety in life, and I’m sure I’m not alone, is the struggle to enjoy life when things are going well as I get a horrible, stomach turning feeling that something is going to go wrong. Even without explanation. The struggle to enjoy the ‘now’ for fear of something taking the happiness away isContinue reading “Worry is the thief of Joy…”

Can you completely change who you are but still stay the same?

Before I had a baby I used to think of people with children as adults. That when you had children you suddenly became a grown up who would know everything and have it all together somehow. Like there was going to be some sort of shift overnight?! I thought I’d be more mature and sensible…Continue reading “Can you completely change who you are but still stay the same?”

We shouldn’t judge what we are not, but we do.

We shouldn’t judge what we are not, but we do. We shouldn’t judge what we are not. But we do. It’s so difficult, it’s a natural reaction to form an unconscious bias, at least. So even when we try not to judge, I’m certain that most people will do it, even if it is unconsciouslyContinue reading “We shouldn’t judge what we are not, but we do.”

Perfection is something that can never be achieved, so stop striving for it…

Is it just me that gets slightly offended by people assuming you have got it all under control or people comment that you seem to have it perfect? Because, I’m telling you now that’s literally no one, no matter how it seems or how it is portrayed. Yes, sometimes my child sleeps through (double touchContinue reading “Perfection is something that can never be achieved, so stop striving for it…”

Lockdown weight…

Me. I needed this. I’ve seen TOO many posts over the past 24 hours about this. I’m guilty of it myself, saying and thinking I need to get back in my jeans for when we’re allowed out (although totally true, I am not buying new jeans!). Some are light hearted and jokey but some areContinue reading “Lockdown weight…”

Lockdown 3.0 – Mental health 🤍

The combination of the impending January blues and the news of ANOTHER lockdown has got me thinking and wanting to write. I’ve written A LOT about the first lockdown and how it made me feel, and what I did to get through but I wasn’t sure if my personal thoughts and feelings on it wouldContinue reading “Lockdown 3.0 – Mental health 🤍”

Parental Anxiety…

I know I’m not on my own with this one. It’s another level. Just know you’re not alone and it can, does and will get better. There’s also not a single thing that will fix it, everyone copes in different ways but I’ve written some of my thoughts down and if it starts a conversationContinue reading “Parental Anxiety…”