Let me start by saying that I’ve always loved to write. But, recently, I’ve found that writing has become quite therapeutic for me. It’s like dumping all your thoughts down and starting the process of working through them and dealing with what is on your mind.

The idea for this blog was two fold really. Initially, the ‘fabulous for thirty’ mantra came about from a long, and probably well versed process, that I’m sure many woman must go through, in acceptance. Acceptance of me, my body, my thoughts. Attempting to become the best version of myself, accepting myself and finding some kind of wholeness and fulfilment in my thirties. I’ve often heard of your ’30’s’ being the best years of your life, primarily because you start to care less about what other people think and doing what’s best for you. I am SO into that and I can’t wait.

Secondly, I’ve just had my first baby. I searched in the middle of the night, countless times for a realistic and informative narrative of how on earth to look after a newborn. From breastfeeding, too sleeping, to getting out of the house in a non-manic and chilled way. Everything I read seemed to focus on the negatives. I’m hoping that some of the things I started to write about resonate with at least one other person and just give that peace of mind I looked for. You can have a hot drink again, you can sleep again, you can leave the house again.

As I write this, I’ve just turned 29. I started this blog about 7 months ago, and I’m hoping this time I actually get the courage to publish it. (queue the 30’s vibe of not giving a f*ck).